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Stepan Nikolaevich

Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

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Department of Chemistry

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Chemistry Department
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Acting Dean of the
Chemistry Department

Sergej Sergejevich

Doctor of Chemical Sciences


Phone: +7(495) 939 3571,
email: dekanat@chem.msu.ru

Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin

Master's Programs in Radiochemistry

The Chemistry Department of Moscow State University is a world-known center for  Chemistry education. Chemistry education at the University started from the year it was founded, 1755. The founder of Moscow University, Michael Lomonosov, was one of the best chemists in his time. In 1755 he established the Laboratory of Chemistry at Moscow University which later evolved into the Department of Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry includes 17 chairs, 83 laboratories. 1048 students and 283 postgraduates  study at the Department. 11 full members of Russian Academy of Sciences, 4 corresponding members and 202 professors holding PhD and Doctoral Degrees in Chemistry are now preparing students  to become high class specialists in modern Chemistry. 

Most of the world-recognized Russian chemists studied and then lectured at the Department of Chemistry. 13478 students and 4911 postgraduates  completed their education here since 1929. More than 1500 foreign citizens from 65 different countries studied at the Department of Chemistry.

92 Dr.Sc. and 394 PhD theses were defended for the last 10 years at the Department.

Department of Chemistry is a world-known center for scientific research. Researches of the Faculty create new semiconductors and high temperature superconductors,  synthesize  new complex organic and organoelement compounds, develop catalysts for oil refining and petrochemistry,  synthesize new medicines, new polymers with liquid crystal properties, develop new biotechnological processes. Scientists of the Chemistry Department  made great contributions to the development of modern theory of catalysis, photochemistry, electrochemistry and chemistry of high dispersion systems.

Science Department is providing information support, and assistance in organizing and carrying out researches according to the international standard. Science Department is focusing special attention to the fundamental studies and its practical realization.

Here is some general information for applicants. The Chemistry Department consists of 17 divisions and 2 stand-alone laboratories. You can look at the structure of Chemistry Department here. Along with a list of divisions and subdivisions (laboratories) you will find here the description of main and special courses.

This database was created at the Department of Chemistry:

RADEN Database

The Foreign Division of the Chemistry Department

Center of Scientific Information

Mendeleev Online
First comprehensive overview about the great Russian chemist Dmitrii Mendeleev.

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