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Dear colleagues,

"Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin" was established in 1946 and is an authoritative publication presenting rewiews and unique scientific papers. The papers are written by professors, researchers, postgraduates and students of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The Chemistry Faculty which recently celebrated the 70-th anniversary of its foundation, is one of the biggest centers of chemical education and science. 250 professors, 850 research workers, about 300 postgraduates, and more than 1000 students are performing their investigations here in all branches of chemistry. They win more than 300 Russian and International grants working under programs in cooperation with their foreign colleagues.

High quality of education provided by Moscow State University is generally recognized. It will suffice to point out that MSU Chemical Faculty graduatres constitute more than one third of the total number of Russian Academy of Sciences Chemical affiliates, many being the heads of the biggest chemical institutes.

In order to enable Russian and other countries' scientific communities rapidly obtain the most complete and reliable information on MSU chemists' achievements in science and education, the editorial board of the bulletin since 1998 have been providing a comprehensive electronic version of the bulletin which may be found in free access on MSU Chemistry Faculty web-site in Internet (http:/

Beginning with the first issue of 2000 the editorial policy of the bulletin is changing: we are increasing the number of reviews on vital problems of chemical science and reducing the time of publication preparation. We are planning to publish subject matter issues devoted to achievements of our scientists in different fields of chemistry, and a special issue including the best papers of our scientists who have completed their research this year.

If you like to get the latest information on scientific life in the best educational and scientific Russian center, we'll be glad to accept you as our subscribers.

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Chemistry Faculty Dean
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