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Science Department

Михаил Васильевич Герасимов

Director of Departmnet
Dr. M.V. Gerasimov

Tel./Fax: +7(495)939-4888, (495) 939-3851
Mail: mgera@chem.msu.ru

Our main activities are related to R&D service, we are paying special attention to the fundamental studies and its practical implementation. We are ready to deal with scheduled tasks including scientific studies, acquisition of patents and licenses for pilot production and commercial introduction.

Our service covers the following things:

  • Providing analysis about the chemical market;
  • Search of partners for joint R&D activities ;
  • Setting up laboratories and R&D centres;
  • Document preparation and execution of application for inventions, scientific publications analysis;
  • Realization of educational and training programs;
  • Promotional support of R&D technologies into the Russian and international markets;

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