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Science Department

Principal areas of scientific research

  • Development of new technologies in extraction of trace amounts of organic and inorganic substances from the environment, food products and biochemicals, as well as their detection and concentration
  • The topical issues of modern chemistry and physical chemistry of high-molecular compounds
  • Physicochemical mechanics of solids and dispersed systems, molecular mechanisms of the Rebinder effect, medium influence on dispersed particles interaction and cross-linking
  • Research in laser-induced physicochemical processes
  • Inorganic chemistry as the basis for the elaboration of new generations of functional materials
  • Development of the most effective ways of teaching chemistry and other sciences
  • Modern methods of physical-chemical analysis for studying multicomponent system constitutional diagrams
  • Molecular design of organic structures and organic reactions, target search, synthesis and testing of new applicable organic compounds
  • Organoelemental compounds functioning as reactants and catalytic agents in during synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds
  • Radio nuclides and tagged compounds in chemistry and biology
  • Radiological exclusion of chemical processes and substances
  • Dosimetry and environmental radioactivity
  • Structure and dynamics of atomic-molecular systems
  • Chemical thermodynamics
  • Catalysis, physico-chemistry of the surface
  • Physico-chemical principles of separation methods and fine purification of substances and isotopes
  • Piezochemistry
  • Chemistry of energy consuming and coal-graphite materials
  • Approaches to the problem of rational use of hydrocarbon material
  • Organic chemistry of double-stranded nucleic acids and NK-protein complexes
  • Study of the structure and functions of ribonucleoproteins using the chemical approaches

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