Full name: Eugene V. BABAEV


Contact information: Chemistry Department, Moscow State University, Leninskie gory, Moscow 119991, Russia. Tel./Fax (office): +7(495)9393020.



Citizenship/nationality: Russian

Languages: English (fluent), German (spoken)


Born: Feb.1, 1960 in Russia

Education history:

1977:   Graduated from middle school (specialized English-speaking) in Kirov, Russia

1982:   Graduated from Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, Diploma Chemist

1988:   PhD in Chemistry (heterocyclic synthesis)

2007:   Dr. Habilitus (Doctor of Chemical Science)


Awards, medals:

1977:   Earliest: Winner of Soviet Union Chemistry Olympiad (Alma-Ata)

Bronze medal at International chemistry Olympiad (Bratislava).

1994:   Award from Chemical Structure Association Trust (USA).

1995:   Shuvalov’s Award and medal from Moscow University.

1998:   International Award for innovation from SPECS Co., Netherlands.

2007:   Lomonosov readings, 2nd award (Moscow University).


Fellowship / Visiting scientist / Visiting Professor

1988: Humboldt University, Berlin (Summer. Host Prof. J. Liebscher)

1990: Ruhr-University, Bochum (6 Months. Heinrich Hertz Foundation stipendium. Host Prof. A. Haas)

1991: Burgas High Technology School (Summer. Host Prof. D. Bonchev)

1992: Southern College, Chattanooga University (Summer. Host Prof. R. Hefferlin)

1993: Hannover University (3 months. DAAD-Nato fellowship. Host Prof. K. Jug)

1997-98: Hannover University (Visiting Prof. 4*1 month. Volkswagen Stiftung grant. Host Prof. K. Jug)

2001: Kushu university, Kasuga/Fukuoka (Visiting Prof. 3 Months. Host Prof. S. Kanemasa)


Grants received:

From foundations:

1994-1995: International Science Foundation Grant (New York), Project leader

1994-1995; 1996-1997: Grants from GRACENAS Foundation (St.Petersburg), Project leader

1996-1997: Grant from Volkswagen Stiftung (joint with Hannover University), Russian team leader

1996-1998; 1999-2001; 2004-2006; 2007-2009: Grants from Russian Foundation of Basic Research, Projects’ leader

2001-2003: Grant from INTAS (EU), MSU team leader

2005-2007: Joint Grant from Russian and Chinese National Foundations, Russian team leader

2009: Grant from Federal Ministry of Technology & Export Control

From industries:

1995-1997: Research Grants from Nippon Soda Ltd. (Japan)

1997-1998: Research Grants from Astra-Zeneca (Sweden)

1999-2001: R&D Grant from ChemBridge Corporation (USA)

2001-2006: R&D Grants from Bayer AG / Bayer Pharma AG (Germany)

2005: Research Grant from InterCare Pharmaceutical (Moscow-Delhi)

2006-2007: Custom Research Grant from Degussa AG (Germany)

2005-2007: Equipment-supporting grant from Buchi (Switzerland)

2007-2008: Research Grant from Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)

2007-2008: Research Grant from Upstream Technologies (Canada)

2010-2011: Research Grant from Nikka Ltd. (Russia)



Russian Mendeleyev Chemical Society

International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (in the past – responsible for society’s fees in Russia and CIS)


Employment History:

Since 1982: Researcher at Moscow University

1982-1989: Laboratory of biologically active compounds (Prof. Yu. Bundel)

1989-2000: Laboratory of organic synthesis (Prof. N. Zefirov)

Since 1992: Head of research group


2000-now: Head of Combinatorial chemistry center of Moscow University (full time employment)


Teaching Experience:

2001-now: Lecturer and supervisor of practical combinatorial chemistry semester course at MSU

1999-now: Lecturer at Moscow High Chemistry College with Heterocyclic Chemistry semester course

1988-1998: Lecturer at Moscow University with Heterocyclic Chemistry semester course

1987-1988: Lecturer at Moscow Chemical School No.171 with Organic Chemistry course

1987-1989: Member of Russian Chemical Society Creative Group for reforming chemical education.

Author of programs/courses: “Mathematical chemistry for organic chemists”, “Chemistry for mathematical schools”, “Chemistry for humanitarian schools”

1986-1987: Lecturer at Bauman's High Technology University with General Chemistry course

1981-1988: Chief of methodical commissions of National chemistry Olympiads (Grozniy, Belgorod, Kaliningrad)

1982-1988: Lecturer in summer schools at Volgograd, Magadan, Kishinev


Scientific supervisor of:

- 6 PhD students.

- 27 Diploma students.

- 60 Undergraduate students performing course works in the lab.


Habilitated PhD students supervised by Dr. Babaev and topics of their PhD thesis:

A. Efimov

June 2006

Development of synthetic methods leading to 5-substituted indolizines

A. Tsisevich

April 2006

Novel ring transformations of mono-, bi- and tricyclic analogs of oxazolo[3,2-a]pyridines

A. Bush

March 2006

Synthesis and study of mesoionic azolo[3,2-a]pyridines

D. Albov

June 2005

X-ray structures of cycloalcano[b]pyridones and their heterocyclization products

O. Mazina

Feb. 2005

Crystal structure of novel condensed tricyclic systems from nitriles of cycloalkanopyridine.

D. Maiboroda

Feb. 1998

Theory of heteroaromatic rings opening and experimental study of oxazolo[3,2-a]pyridinium


Diploma students supervised by Dr. Babaev and topics of their diploma thesis:

Kossakovskiy A.


Synthesis of 6-nitroindolizines

Vasilyev Yu.


Synthesis and isomerization of 2-phenyl-7-methyl-6(8)-nitroindolizines to indoles

Pastukhov A.


Computer-assisted systematization and forecast of novel heterocyclic rearrangements

Tsitovskiy S.


Principles of computer design of the reagents in the synthesis of pyridine ring

Efimov A


Combinatorial models in computer-assisted synthesis of benzene ring

Kaznacheev A.


Study of reactions of 2-methyl-6-substituted pyridines and halogenketones

Tsisevich A.


2-Halogen-N-phenacyl pyridinium salts as synthetic equivalents of oxazolo[3,2-a]pyridinium system

Pasichnichenko K.


Synthesis and reactivity of munchnones from oxazolopyridine family

Zhuravleva A.


Synthesis and reactivity of 2-aryl-7-methyl-5-chloro-6-cyanoindolizines

Belykh E.


Synthesis of 1,5-substituted 2-aminoimidazoles and their reactions with electrophiles

Mazina O.


X-ray mapping in the series of imidazopyridines

Bush A.


Rings transformation in the series of 6-nitro oxazolo[3,2-a]pyridines

Albov D.


X-ray mapping in the series of pyridones and their derivatives

Ermolatyev D.


Solid phase synthesis of heterocyclic analogs of 3-guanidylpropionic acid

Smirnov G.


Novel mesoionic system based on 2-oxothiazolo[3,2-a]-pyridine

Tihomirov G.


Novel method of synthesis of pyrido[1,2-a]benzoimidazoles

Pogozhev D.


Synthesis and reactivity of 2-bromo-N-phenacyl thiazolium salts

Turubanova E.


Novel transformations of 3-substituted 6-methyl-2-pyridones

Alifanov V.


Synthesis and reactivity of oxazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidinium salts

Kuznetsov A.


Lithiation of azolopyridines with bridgehead nitrogen

Kazhkenov Z.


Novel transformations of bridgehead munchones

Nevskaya A.


Novel approaches to the synthesis of tricyclic analogs of indolizine

Gormay P.


Synthesis and properties of 5-substituted oxazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidinium salts

Goldberg A.


Synthesis and properties of 2-substituted 1,3-azaphospholo[3,2-a]pyridines

Lukov R.


Synthesis of indolizines from 6-methyl-beta-nitropyridine-2-ones

Morozov O.


Synthesis and properties of novel pseudo-azulenes

Shmatova O.


Synthesis of mesoionic imidazo[1,2-a]pyridinium-2-olates


Host of foreign visiting scientists/lecturers in Moscow:

2010: Dr. M. Kaji (Japan), M. Hawes and Y. Lecouturier (Syrris, UK), 2008: P. Oakley (Syrris, UK), P. Koutenis (Cyprus), H. Ila (India), 2007: Dr. H.-P.Krimmer (AlzChem/Degussa, Germany), 2006: Prof. K. Drauz (Degussa, Germany), 2005: Prof. W. Scott (Indiana, USA); 2004: Prof. F. Albericio (Spain), Dr. J. Koebberling (Bayer, Germany), Dr. A. Stadler (Austria), Prof. G. Dibo (Hungary), Prof. G. Keseru (Gedeon Richter, Hungary), Prof. B. Kundu (India), Prof. C. Mirodatos (France), Dr. G. Fassina (Italy), Dr. S. Miertus (UNIDO, Italy), G. Schoenenberger (Buchi, Switzerland); 2002: guests of 2nd EAHM; 2001: Prof. I. Ugi (Germany); Prof. De Kimpe (Belgium); Dr. M. Farkas (Hungary); Prof. T. Takahashi (Tokyo); 2000: guests of 1st EAHM; 1998: Prof. I. Gutman (Serbia); 1997: Prof. W. Dehaen (Belgium); Prof. M. Randic (USA), Prof. A. Claesson (Astra, Sweden); 1996: Prof. I. Iwataki (Nippon Soda, Japan), Prof. K. Jug (Germany), Prof. H. van der Plas (Netherlands); 1993: Dr. G. Sello (Italy). 1995-96: Supervisor of foreign student J. Kevin (USA) worked in my group.


Lectures/seminars given at universities/companies:

1990: Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Host Prof. G. L’abbe

1991: Institute of Organic Chemistry Sofia (Bulgaria). Host Prof. O. Mekenyan

1992: Hannover University (Germany). Host Prof. K.Jug

1992: Computational Dept. of the Upjon Chemical Company, Kalamazoo (USA). Host Prof. M. Johnson

1992: University of Kansas-City (USA). Host Prof. J. Dias

1993: Ural Polytechnic University, Ekaterinburg (Russia). Host Prof. V. Bakulev

1994: Milan University (Italy). Host Dr. G. Sello

1995 Hannover University (Germany). Host Prof. K.Jug

1997: Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Host Prof. W. Dehaen

1997: University of Vienna (Austria). Host Prof. F. Sauter

1997: Technical University Darmstadt (Germany). Host Prof. J. Brickmann

1999: Award Lecture at Specs and Biospecs, den Haag (Holland). Host Dr. D. Wife

1999: Preclinical R&D Laboratories of Astra-Zeneca, Hässle/Goeteborg (Sweden). Host Prof. B. Samuelsson

2001: R&D Laboratories of Sanofi-Synthelabo, Strasbourg (France). Host Prof. P. George.

2001: R&D Laboratories of Bayer AG, Wuppertal ( Germany). Host Dr. W. Bender

2001: Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan). Host Prof. S. Kanemasa

2001: Shinshu University, Nagano (Japan). Host Prof. A. Kakehi

2001: R&D Laboratories of Nippon Soda, Odawara (Japan). Host Prof. I. Iwataki

2001: Waseda University, Tokio, (Japan). Host Prof. I. Shimizu

2002: R&D Laboratories of Medivir, Stockholm ( Sweden). Host Dr. Xiao Xiong Zhou

2002: R&D Laboratories of Bayer AG, Wuppertal, Monheim (Germany). Hosts Dr. W. Bender, Prof. K. Nauman

2003: University of Thessaloniki (Greece), INTAS teams meeting. Host Prof. A. Geronikaki

2004: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India). Host Prof. Ila Hiriakanavar

2004: Buchi, Zurich/Flawil (Switzerland). Host Dr. H. Merz

2006: Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Host Prof. E. van der Eycken

2006: R&D Laboratories of Degussa at Hanau-Wolfgang and at Trostberg (Germany). Hosts Prof. K. Drauz, Dr. H.-P. Krimmer

2006: R&D Laboratories of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Biberach (Germany). Host Dr. C. Hoehnke

2007: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (China). Host Prof. B. Jiang

2007: Shenyang Research Institute of Chem. Industry (China). Host Dr. Bin Li

2007: Bejing University (China). Host Dr. Jiaxi Xu

2007: Bejing Capital Normal University (China). Host Prof. Wenxiang Hu

2008: ETH Zurich (Switzerland). Host Prof. A. Vasella

2008: Stavropol University (Russia). Host Prof. V. Aksenov

2008: Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Host Prof. E. van der Eycken

2010: Clausthal University (Germany). Host Prof. A. Schmidt


Short visits (without lectures)

1996 - Imperial College London (Prof. C.W. Rees); 1997 - TU Munich (Prof. I. Ugi, Dr. E. Fontain); 1997 - TU Darmstadt (Prof. H. Neuenhoffer); 2001 - Kyoiku University Osaka (Prof. M. Ariga); 2001 - Tokyo Institute of Technology (Prof. T. Takahashi); 2001 - Chemical Research Center Budapest (Prof. G. Hajos); 2006 - LM University Munich (Prof. G. Mayr); 2007 - Debrecen (Prof. G.Hajos), 2008 - Daejeon, Korea (ICOS-17 meeting), 2008 - Astrakhan University, 2009 - Kharkiv Institute of Monocrystals (Prof. S. Desenko), 2009 - Tobolsk Biostation (Mendeleev conference), 2010 - Kursk Polytechnic Institute (MW-seminar, Prof. Yu. Markovich), 2010 – University Leipzig (History of science conference, Dr. T. Schmuck), 2010 - University Rostok (Dr. G. Boeck); 2010 - Humboldt University Berlin (Prof. J. Liebsher).


List of talks at scientific meetings by Dr. Babaev (1995-2010)


Progress in the chemistry of cyclazines

3rd International A.N.Kost meeting on heterocyclic chemistry, Moscow, Russia


Heteroaromatic ring transformations: new synthetic methodologies and trends

11th Eurasia conference on chemical sciences (EuAsC2S-11), Dead Sea, Jordan


Pseudoazulenes from oxazoles

5th Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic chemistry, Alicante,Spain


Euler characteristic of molecular structure and the principle of its conservation in chemical reactions

International meeting “Ideas and legacy of A.E. Favorskii in organic and organometallic chemistry of XXIst century”, St.-Petersburg


Dmitriy Mendeleev: genealogy of the genius

2nd Mendeleev Readings, Moscow State Academy of Custom Service, Moscow


Heterocyclic recyclizations as heuristic strategy of organic synthesis

12th Organic chemistry school of young scientists, Suzdal, Russia


Dmitry Mendelev Online” and an experience of internet-archive “Mendeleevia”

Jubilee scientific conference “Chemistry and society. Facets of interaction: yesterday, today, tomorrow” dedicated to 80 years of the Chemistry department of MSU, Moscow


Periodicity principle and attempts of its generalization

Scientific meeting “Mendeleev legacy: historical aspects and modern view”, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia


Novel ring transformations of fused and monocyclic oxazoles

5th International conference on the Chemistry of nitrogen containing heterocycles (CNCH-2009) Kharkiv, Ukraine


Total synthesis and biological activity of imidazole marine alkaloids and their analogs

1st International Meeting “New trends in the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, Kislovodsk, Russia


Combinatorial chemistry as the first step in the innovation cycle of new drugs development: our practical experience at Moscow university

Round table of the Ministry of Science: “The problem of recovery and training of specialists for Russian pharmaceutical industry”, Moscow, Russia


Pyrimidine as a protecting group: new methodology in the total synthesis of marine alkaloids

5th Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic chemistry, Kuwait


Novel synthesis of pyrrole ring from oxazole ring.

10th Eurasia conference on chemical sciences (EuAsC2S-10), Manila, Philippines


Novel transformations of pyrimidinium and azolopyrimidinium salts in reactions with nucleophiles

18th Mendeleev Congress on pure and applied chemistry, Moscow, Russia


Ring transformation strategies in the design of biologically active compounds.

2nd International Conference of Chemical Industries, Cairo, Egypt


Total synthesis and biological activity of marine alkaloids from imidazolefamily and their analogs

Lomonossov Readings-2007, Moscow University, Russia


Novel strategies to pyrrolo[1,2-c]-pyrimidines and 2-aminoimidazoles via oxazolo[3,2-a]-pyrimidinium salts.

4th Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic chemistry, Thessaloniki, Greece


Heterocyclic alchemy

Juniors’ summer school “Orbital”, Kazan, Russia


Design of recyclizations with reversed ANRORC mechanism

2nd International A.N.Kost meeting on heterocyclic chemistry, Moscow, Russia


2-Amino-1,3-azoles from pyrimidines

11th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Brno, Slovakia


“Alchemy” of heterocycles: the art of transmutation of heterocyclic nuclei

8th Organic chemistry school of young scientists, Kazan, Russia


Recent advances in the indolizine chemistry

3rd EuroAsian Heterocyclic Meeting, Novosibirsk, Russia


Teaching students the combinatorial chemistry

UNIDO Workshop on Combinatorial Chemistry & Combinatorial Technology, Moscow,


Novel heterocyclic libraries from solid phase and liquid phase parallel synthesis

Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research, Lucknow, India


Novel route to functionalized pyrido[1,2-a]-benzoimidazoles

4th National organic synthesis symposium, Uglich, Russia


Solid Phase Synthesis of Oxazoles from Pyridines

9th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia


Some aspects of solid phase synthesis

3rd National meeting on Combinatorial chemistry, Moscow


Advances in the indolizine chemistry

7th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan


New trends in indolizine chemistry

3rd Jordanian International Conference of Chemistry, Irbid, Jordan


Synthetic Applications of N-Phenacylpyridinium Salts Bearing Leaving Group at alpha-Position

18th International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Yokohama, Japan


Combinatorial chemistry at Moscow university – first experience

2nd  National meeting on Combinatorial chemistry, Moscow


Intuitive chemical topology

6th Organic chemistry school of young scientists, Novosibirsk, Russia


Generalization of the “umpolung” model

3rd National organic synthesis symposium, Yaroslavl, Russia


Overview of CombiChem activities in Russia and FSU (country report)

ICS UNIDO Workshop on Combinatorial chemistry and Combinatorial Technologies, Triest, Italy


Novel recyclizations of oxazoles and pyridines

1st  EuroAsian Heterocyclic Meeting, Suzdal, Russia


Parity conservation in chemistry

2nd National organic synthesis symposium, Zvenigorod, Russia


Fused Munchnones in Recyclization Tandems

17th Internaional Congress on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vienna, Austria


Example of successful prediction of biological activities

5th International Conference "Chemical Structures", Noordwijkerhood, Holland


Chemical combinatorics and combinatorial chemistry

1st National meeting on Combinatorial chemistry, Zvenigorod, Russia


Novel recyclization tandems of mesoionic heterocycles

5th Organic chemistry school of young scientists, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Novel Recyclizations and Ring Transformations of Oxazolo[3,2-a]pyridinium Salts

7th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Eger, Hungary


Topological Problem of Two Colors in Chemical Concepts and Chemical Practice

7th International Conference on Mathematical Chemistry, Girona, Spain


Computer-assisted experimental search of novel strategies to pyridines and quinolines

6th National meeting “Carbonyl compounds in heterocyclic synthesis”, Saratov, Russia


Chemical Concepts from the Viewpoint of Surface Topology

6th International Conference on Mathematical Chemistry, Pitlochry, Scotland


Polarity rules in computer design of heterocycles

1st European Conference on Computational Chemistry, Nancy, France


Organizer of the following (inter)national scientific events:

- Series of biennial EuroAsian Meetings on Heterocyclic Chemistry (EAHM), founder

 1st EAHM, Suzdal, 2000, chairman

 2nd EAHM, Velikiy Novgorod, 2002, chairman

 3rd EAHM Novosibirsk, 2004, co-chairman

 4th EAHM, Thessaloniki, 2006, co-chairman

- 1st National Heterocyclic meeting in memory of A.Kost (Suzdal, 2000), co-chairman

- 1st International Meeting “New trends in the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds” (Kislovodsk, 2009), co-chairman

- National Symposiums on Organic Synthesis

 1st, "Organic Chemistry in XX century", Zvenigorod, 2000, co-chairman

 2nd, "Strategy and Tactics of Organic Synthesis", Yaroslavl, 2001, chairman

 3rd, "Organic Chemistry - Decay or Revival?", Ship tour to Uglich, 2003, chairman of Program committee

- Russian National Workshops on Combinatorial Chemistry

 1st, "Organic Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry", Zvenigorod, 1999, co-chairman

 2nd, "Modern Technologies in Combinatorial Chemistry", Moscow, 2001, chairman

 3rd, "Combinatorial Chemistry and the Birth of Drugs", Moscow, 2002, chairman

 4th, "Combinatorial Chemistry and Combinatorial Technologies" (UNIDO Workshop), Moscow, 2004, co-chairman


Member of editorial advisory boards:

 Synthesis/Synlett (since 2009)

 Open Organic Chemistry Journal (since 2006)

 ARKIVOC (since 2006)

 Jordan J. Chem. (since 2005)

 Letters in Drug Discovery (since 2005)

 Molecules (since 2002)

 Intern. J. Mol. Struct. (since 2002)

 Indian J. Heterocycl. Chem. (2000-2005)

 Bull. Soc. Chim. Belg. (1991-1997)



Chapters in the books:

"Chemical Topology: Introduction and Fundamentals" (Gordon & Breach, 1999) 98 pages

"Targets in Heterocyclic Systems - Chemistry and Properties" (Soc.Chim. Ital., Rome, 1997) 34 pages

"Concepts in Chemistry: a Contemporary Challenges" (John Wiley, 1996)58 pages

"Graph Theoretical Approaches to Chemical Reactivity" (Kluwer, 1994) 12 pages

"Principles of Symmetry and Systemology in Chemistry"(MSU Press, 1987) 25 pages

"Philosophical Problems of Chemistry" (MSU Press, 1988) 20 pages

Author of 10 reviews, scientific editor of the special issue of Mendeleev Chemistry Journal (Vol.53, No.5, 2009) on combinatorial chemistry, author of 150+ scientific papers and 100+ abstracts at scientific meetings.


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Some web projects:

Mendeleev online

Mendeleevia (Russ.)

Inofficial Mathematical chemistry webpage

Eurasian Heterocyclic Chemistry Meetings


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