Laboratory of Kinetic Methods of Analysis

of the division of ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY

Inga F. Dolmanova, Associate Professor, Ph.D. - head of the laboratory


From left to right (standing): I.A.Veselova, A.L.Kapanadze, T.A.Stoyan, Dr. M.K.Beklemishev, Dr. I.F.Dolmanova, N.Tabatchikova, L.E.Grishina
(sitting) Dr. S.V.Muginova, Dr. T.N.Shekhovtsova

FAX7-(095)-939 46 75

Faculty and Staff

Inga F. Dolmanova, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tatyana N. Shekhovtsova, Dr.Sci., Professor Mikhail K. Beklemishev, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist Svetlana V. Muginova, Ph.D., Junior Research Scientist Ludmila E. Grishina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Irina A. Veselova, Junior Research Scientist

General Research Interests

Laboratory research is devoted to kinetic methods of analysis in their catalytic variant. We develop methods for determination of inorganic and organic catalysts and enzymes and of those compounds which affect the catalytic activity of catalysts (inhibitors and activators). The most interesting results have been obtained while developing the methods (including express-tests) for the determination of transition metals, such as mercury(II), lead(II), and cadmium(II), N-, S-, and P-containing organic compounds, and phenols in environmental samples, pharmaceutical formulations, and biological liquids.

Research Groups

Enzymatic Methods of Analysis

Effects of different inorganic and organic biologically active compounds on catalytic activity of enzymes of various classes (oxidases, hydrolases) are investigated. Mechanism of effects of enzyme inhibitors and activators is studied. Sensitive, selective, simple and rapid enzymatic methods for determination of enzyme effectors are developed.

Sorption-Catalytic Methods

A novel approach to analysis is developed which is based on hybrid combination of sorption of the analyte with its subsequent determination directly on the sorbent surface with the use of catalytic methods. The potential analytes include metal ions as well as various organic substances, and the possible area of application of that approach may be rapid out-of-laboratory testing.


"Kinetic, biochemical and biological methods of analysis"

Theoretical foundation and practical application of kinetic (catalytic and noncatalytic), biochemical (enzymatic, immunochemical) and biological methods are discussed.

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