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Durov, Vladimir Alekseevich

Address: Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University , W-234, Moscow , 119899, Russia
Phone: - +7 (495) 939-22-18
Fax: +7 (495) 932-88-46

Course: Statistical Thermodynamics of Condensed Matter (for advanced students in physical chemistry)
Course: Statistical Thermodynamics in Physical Chemistry (for advanced students in inorganic chemistry and in material chemistry)
Course: Statistical Thermodynamics: Principles, Models, properties and Phenomena (for graduated students in physical chemistry)
Course: Theory of Liquid Systems. Part 1. Equilibrium Properties (for graduated students in physical chemistry)
Course: Theory of Liquid Systems. Part 2. Kinetic Properties (for graduated students in physical chemistry)
Occupation: Full Professor (since 1995). Junior Researcher (1976), Senior Researcher (1982), Leading Researcher (1990), Professor (1995), Moscow State University

Education: MSc. (Chem.). 1973, PhD. (Chem.). 1978, DSc. (Chem.), 1989, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University , Professor of Physical Chemistry, Academic Rank, 1993

Candidate's Dissertation (PhD): "Investigation of the kinetics and mechanisms of processes, occurring in viscous liquids" (Lomonosov Moscow University, 1978, Supervisor Prof. M.I. Schakhparonov),

Doctoral Thesis (DSc): "Quasichemical models in physical chemistry of liquid non-electrolytes" (Lomonosov Moscow University, 1989).

Research Activities and Interests: Physical Chemistry of Liquid Mixtures: Molecular Interactions; Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics; Phase Equilibria and Glass Transformation; Dielectrometry; Acoustic Spectroscopy; Rayleigh Spectroscopy; Nonequilibrium and Fluctuation Phenomena; Supramolecular Self-Organization of a Matter; Molecular Design of Liquid Materials; Micellar Solutions and Microemulsions; Physico-Chemical Problems of the Oil Recovery; Gas Hydrates; Ferrofluids; Simulation

Main results
The development of the molecular backgrounds of the supramolecular chemistry of liquid mixtures and self-organization phenomena in those
New methods for studying structure of liquids in nano-size range of the intermolecular distances, and for the first time revealing and studying of the supramolecular aggregates in liquids, having long-ranged molecular correlations far outside of the nearest coordination shells
The theory of the non-equilibrium and relaxation phenomena in nonideal disordered condensed systems on the basis of the extended quasichemical models
New methods for describing and predicting a series of the thermodynamic, dielectric, optic, and kinetic properties of liquid mixtures in the wide intervals parameters of the state
The development of the molecular models for structural polymorphism in the supramolecular organization of liquid mixtures, methods for studying of that have been developed, and the manifestations of the structural polymorphism in macroscopic properties of liquids have been established.

Research Projects: Russian Funding of Basic Research, Projects N 93-03-18058
(1993-1995), 95-03-09053 (1995-1997), N 98-03-32364 (1998-2000), N 04-03-32819
(2004-2006), N 07-03-01105 (2007-2009); Fund " Russian University ", Project
Uni-022-95 (1995-1997); Russian Ministry of Education, project N
(2001-2002); ESF (1995, 1999); CNRS (2001); DFG (2000, 2002); NATO ASI (2002);
IUPAC (1999, 2002); INTAS, N 03-51-5537 (2004-2007)

Educational Activities and Interests
12 textbooks and manuals
Supervisor on 5 Candidate's Dissertations (PhD)
Course on Physical Chemistry (Structure of a Matter; Thermodynamics; Phase and Chemical Equilibria; Theory of Mixtures; Adsorption and Surface Phenomena; Statistical and Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics; Kinetics and Catalysis; Electrochemistry)
Course on Statistical Thermodynamics
Course on Statistical Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry of Liquids
(Structure; Thermodynamics; Electric and Optical Properties; Fluctuations; Scattering Phenomena; Kinetic Properties)
Lectures on the Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, and Self-Organization of a Matter
Lectures on Chemical Education

Academic Positions and Duties
1995 - 2001 - Commission I.2 on Thermodynamics at Division on Physical Chemistry
1998 - IUPAC-CODATA-ICSU Group on the Electronic Standardization of Physico-Chemical Data (IUCOSPED)
1999 – 2005 - International Advisory Board of International Conferences on Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT)
1999 - Editorial Board of the International "Journal of Molecular Liquids", Elsevier, Editor in Chief Prof. W. Schroer (University of Bremen, Germany)
1999 - International Advisory Committee of the European-Japanese Molecular Liquids Group (EMLG-JMLG)
2002 - Co-Organiser of the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI)&IUPAC Conference on Physical Chemistry of Liquids, 7-15 September, 2002, Rhodos, Greece
2002 - Research Board of Advisors, The American Biographical Institute
1987 - Bureau of Scientific Council on Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Section "Chemistry and Thermodynamics of Solutions"
1992 - Bureau of the Scientific Methodical Council on Chemistry at the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
1995 - Editorial Board of the Monographs "Problems of Solution Chemistry" at the Russian Academy of Sciences
1995 - Council on Dissertation (PhD, DSc) on Chemical and Physico-Mathematical Sciences (Physical Chemistry, Theoretical and Mathematical Chemistry) at the Moscow University
2001 - Bureau of Division on Physical and Colloid Chemistry at the Russian Chemical Society
2007 - Council on Dissertation (PhD, DSc) on Chemical Sciences (Colloid Chemistry, Electrochemistry) at the Moscow University

Honors and Awards:
1997 – Medal “850 Anniversary of Moscow ”
2001,2002,2003,2005 - Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Award of the International Soros Science Education Program (USA); "Grant of Moscow" on Natural Sciences and Education, Prize of the Moscow Government
2000 - Full Member - Academician of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors, Science - Arts - Social Issues ( Moscow , San-Diego)
2001 - Active Member - Academician of the Russian Section of the International Academy of Sciences ( Moscow , Innsbruck )
2004 – Medal o f the International Academy of Creative Endeavors, Science - Arts - Social Issues ( Moscow , San-Diego)
2005 - Medal of Honor, American Biographical Institute, USA .
2005- Medal “250 Anniversary of Moscow State University ”


Over 250 Publications, among them 6 monographs, 12 textbooks and manuals
V.A. Durov has been included in the list of the most cited Russian scientists
Over 70 plenary, invited, and oral reports at the International/National Scientific Meetings

Selected Publications

1. V.A.Durov, E.P.Ageev. Thermodynamic Theory of Solutions. /Text-book in Russian. 1st ed. Moscow University Press, Moscow . 1987, 246 p.; 2nd ed. "Editorial", Moscow , 2003, 248 p.

2. V.A.Durov. Associative Models in Physical Chemistry of Nonelectrolyte Solutions. In: //Solutions of Nonelectrolyte in Liquids. /Problems of Solution Chemistry /. Monograph in Russian. 1989, InterScience Publ., Moscow . P. 36-102.

3. V.A.Durov. Models of Liquid Mixtures: Supramolecular Structure and Physicochemical Properties. // Concentrated and Saturated Mixtures. / Problems of Solution Chemistry /. Monograph in Russian, 2002, InterScience Publ. Moscow. P. 170-254.

4. J. Samios, and V.A. Durov, Eds. Novel Approaches to the Structure and Dynamics of Liquids: Experiments, Theories, and Simulations. NATO Science Series. II. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 133. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht , 2004. 547 pp.

5. V.A. Durov. Quasichemical Models in Physical Chemistry of Liquid Non-Electrolytes. Russian J. Phys. Chem. 1993, 67 (2), 261-274 (translated to English from Zh. Fiz. Khim., 1993, 67 (2), 290-304).

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8. V.A. Durov. Supramolecular assemblies in liquids: structure, thermodynamics, and macroscopic properties. // J. Mol. Liquids, 2005, 118(1-3), 101-110.

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10. V.A. Durov. Dielectric Materials. // In: Chemical Thermodynamics. "Chemistry for the 21st Century", monograph. / Ed. T. Letcher/. London , Blackwell Science, 1999, 327-334.

11. I.Yu. Shilov, B.M. Rode, V.A. Durov. Long Range Molecular Correlations and Hydrogen Bonding in Liquid Methanol. A Monte-Carlo Simulation. // Chem. Phys. 1999, 241(1), 75-82.

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16. V.A. Durov. Anisotropy Polarizability Tensor of Molecules in Liquids. // Russian J. Phys. Chem., 1976, 50(9), 2221-2225, 2226-2229; 1981, 55(4), 877-883; 1985, 59(1), 91-96, 97-101 (translated to English from Zh. Fiz. Khim. 1976, 50(9), 2226-2230, 2231-2234; 1981, 55(4), 882-889; 1985, 59(1), 96-101, 102-106).

17. V.A. Durov. Thermodynamic Theory of Fluctuations and Rayleigh Light Scattering in Solutions. // Moscow . State Univ. Bull, 1987, 28(1), 49-55 (translated to English from Vestnik Mosk. Univ., Ser. Khim., 1987, 28(1), 54-61).

18. V.A. Durov. Effect of Local Electric Field, Fluctuations of the permittivity, and Rayleigh Scattering of Light in Disordered Condensed Matter. // Russian J. Phys. Chem. 2005. 79 (9), 1618-1625.

19. V.A.Durov. Problems on the Study of Thermal Motion Molecules in Liquids and Their Structure by Relaxation Spectroscopy. // In: Theoretical Methods on the Description of Solutions Properties. Ivanovo , 1987, 57-63.

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