Химический факультет МГУ

Спектроскопия ЯМР высокого разрешения в органической и металлорганической химии.

Parahydrogen Induced Polarization in Hydrogenation Reactions

1986, Bowers and Weitekamp

First discovery, which showed the ability of this NMR–technique to clucidate the pairwise hydrogen transfer to the substrates.

1988-94, Bargon, Eisenberg et al.

Identification of unstable dihydride intermediates, participating in the catalytic cycles of hydrogenation reactions catalyzed by rhodium, iridium, palladium and ruthenium complexes of different structures.

1995-96, Bargon, Klages, Permin, Petrosyan

Study of PHIP in the homogeneous hydrogenation reactions of alkenes and alkynes, catalyzed by various platinum complexes.

Inorganic complexes:

Cl2Pt(PPH3)2, Cl(H)Pt(PPh3)2, Cl(H)Pt(PMePh2)2, Cl3Sn(H)Pt(PR3)2 [R=Ph, Me]

Organometallic complexes: