Laboratory of Inorganic Crystallochemistry

of the division of INORGANIC CHEMISTRY

Eugene V. Antipov, Ph.D. - head of the laboratory since January 1996

Laboratory staff:

History Notes

The laboratory of Inorganic Crystallochemistry was founded in 1936 by Yury P. Simanov, who was its head up to 1962. His follower, Prof. Leonid M. Kovba, was the head of the laboratory in 1962-1995. He made a great impact in the study of complex oxides. Since January 1996 Evgueni V. Antipov heads the laboratory. The stuff of the laboratory is 7 researchers, 1 associate professor and 3 technicians. In the past 5 years 8 Ph.D. and more than 15 diploma works were done in the laboratory.

Scientific interests

The main scientific interest is synthesis of new oxides with desired properties and their crystallographic investigation. A great part of scientific work is devoted to synthesis and study of high-temperature superconductors, mainly complex copper oxides with layered structure. As a result of these studies new family of mercury-containing complex copper oxides with the highest transition temperatures were synthesized in 1993 by S. Putilin and E. Antipov. Structures of HgBa2CuO4+x, HgBa2CaCu2O6+x and HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+x, the first three members of that family, are represented in the picture.

Since 1992 the structure of bismuth-containing complex copper oxides has been studied using four-dimensional crystallography approach.

Another field of activity is the study of transition metals complex oxides, niobium and rhenium in particular.

The laboratory is equipped with powder (STADI-P) and single crystal (CAD4) diffractometers for precise structural studies, as well as with cameras for photographic registration of diffraction patterns. Software for structure refinement is kept up-to-date.

Lecture courses:


Recent publications:

S.N. Putilin, E.V. Antipov, O. Chmaissem, M. Marezio.
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E.V. Antipov, S.N. Putilin.
Record-holders among superconductors, Priroda (Russ.), N 10, 3 (1994).
N.R. Khasanova, A.V. Mironov, E.V. Antipov.
Incommensurately modulated structure of Bi2Sr2Eu1.3Ce0.7Cu2O10.17 refined from X-ray powder data. Powder Diffraction 10, 2 (1995).
E.M. Kopnin, S.Ya. Istomin, O.G. D'yachenko, E.V. Antipov, P. Bordet, J.J. Capponi, C. Chaillout, M. Marezio, S. de Brion, B. Souletie.
Synthesis, Structure and Resistivity Properties of K1-xBaxNbO3 (0.2<x<0.5) and K0.5Sr0.5NbO3. Mat.Res.Bull. 30 (1995).
A.M. Abakumov, E.V. Antipov, L.M. Kovba, E.M. Kopnin, S.N. Putilin, P.V. Shpanchenko.
Complex oxides with intergrowth structures. Russ.Chem.Rev. 64, 769 (1995).

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