Laboratory of the Physico-Chemical Diagnostics of Inorganic Materials

of the division of INORGANIC CHEMISTRY

Head of the laboratory - Professor Alexander M. Gaskov, Dr.Sci.

The Laboratory was founded in 1995 by Acad. Yu.D. Tretyakov. The laboratory staff carries out fundamental research on gas sensors on the base of SnO2; chemistry and technology of scandium; chemistry of complex oxides of zirconium, hafnium and rare-earth elements; chemistry of complex phosphates, vanadates, arsenates and tellurates of rare earths, gallium and scandium.


Research activity

Synthesis and physico-chemical investigation of crystal and real structure, surface state and sorption properties of multi-phase inorganic systems.

Laboratory staff takes part in the realization of several international and federal projects.



Selected publications:

A. Gaskov, B. Gautheron, N. Valignat and M. Labeau.
Influence of the Substrate on the Composition of Pd-doped Tin Oxide Films Studied by EPMA and SNMS. Microsc.Microanal.Microstruct. 6, 179-185 (1995).
L.N. Komissarova, A.P. Bobylev, M.N. Boubentsova, G.Ya. Poushkina, F.M. Spiridonov.
Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Studies of Binary Rare Earth Vanadates. Proceedings of 3d Int. Conf. on Rare Earth Develop. and Appl. (Batou, China), vol. 2, p. 505-507 (1995).
E.V. Skokau, V.E. Alioshina, F.M. Spiridonov, I.V. Arkhangelsky et al.
Influence of Mechanical Treatment on Phase Transition at 260 K in crystalline C60: DSC, XRD, HPLC and 1H, 13C NMR Study. J.Phys.Chem. 99, 16116-18 (1995).
A.P. Mozhaev, G.N. Mazo, A.A. Galkin, N.N. Khramova.
Phase stability and oxygen diffusion in RBa2Cu3O6+xR; R - Y,Nd. Zh.Neorgan.Khim. 41, N 6, 916-920 (1996) (in Russian).

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FAX: (095) 939-09-98

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