Laboratory of Chromatographic Methods of Analysis (Chromatography Laboratory)

of the division of ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY

Head of the laboratory: Professor Oleg A. Shpigun

Staff of the laboratory:

The main scientific interests of the laboratory are associated with the elaboration of high-performance chromatographic methods for determination of inorganic and organic substances.

The directions of scientific research:

The laboratory participates in INTAS program.

Special courses:

Selected publications:

O.A. Shpigun, Yu.A. Zolotov.
Ion Chromatography and its Application for water analysis. Moscow, 1990. - 199 p.
T.A. Bol'shova, G.D. Brykina, O.A. Shpigun.
Principles of Chromatographic Methods of Analysis. Moscow, 1992. - 112 p.
A.V. Pirogov, O.N. Obrezkov, O.A. Shpigun.
"Chromatogram generator" chromatogram modelling software. J.Chromatogr. v. 706, p. 31 (1995).
P.N. Nesterenko, A.I. Elefterov, D.A. Tarasenko, O.A. Shpigun.
Selectivity of chemically bonded zwitterion-exchange stationary phases in ion chromatography. J.Chromatogr. v. 706, p. 59 (1995).
O.V. Krokhin, A.D. Smolenkov, N.V. Svintsova, O.N. Obrezkov, O.A. Shpigun.
Modified silica as a stationary phases for ion chromatography. J.Chromatogr. v. 706, p. 93 (1995).

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