Mendeleev Chemistry Journal
(Zhurnal Ross.Khim.Ob-va im D.I.Mendeleeva)
1995, vol.39, No.2

B. M. Bulychev and I. A. Udod
Linear carbon (carbyne*): approaches to synthesis, structure identification,and intercalation.
Results are examiaed of investigations of the third basic (with respect to degree of hybridization) modification of carbon, carbyne, with a chain structure of the atomic skeleton. The main attention is given to problems of the synthesis and identification of carbyne in a condensed state and also to problems of the synthesis and strueture of its intercalation compounds.

V. N. Babin, P. M. Raevskii, K. G. Shchitkov, L. V. Snegur, and Yu. S. Nekrasov
Antitumor activity of metallocenes
Data on the antitumor activity of bis(cyclopentadienyl)metals are analyzed in the paper, and relations between the structure of these compounds and their physiological effects (relatively high antitumor activity and low toxicity) are discussed. Possible molecular mechanisms, responsible for the display of antitumor activity, are examined. A conclusion is drawn concerning the completion of the preliminary screening phase of these compounds and prospects of further development.

G. G. Filippov and A. I. Gorbunov
A new approach to the selection of a practical scale of atom electronegativities.

N. N. Kulov, V. V. Dil'man, and V. I. Naidenov
Nonlinear phenomena in a viscous liquid.
Nonlinear phenomena are examined, due to the dependence oF the viscosity of a liquid and its surface tension on temperature and concentration. In particular, a viscosity "explosion" (exponential increase in viscosity during convective heat exchange), autoretardation of the occurrence of an endothermic chemical reaction, a regime of "corking" of the reactor (significant increase in hydraulic resistance), and autooscillating regime of flow of the liquid film upon heat exchange from the wall or during heat and mass exchange with a gas, and diffusion-thermal instability of the process of gas absorption, leading to a sharp increase 'in the rate of gas absorption, are described. These phenomena are important for a deeper understanding of the mechanism of a series of hydrodynamic and heat- and massexchange processes of chemical technology.

O. V. Dobrocheev
Unstable development of collective systems of physical-chemical, biological, and social nature.
The similar character of occurrence of fluctuation processes in physical-chemical, biological, and social systems, consisting of a large number of particles, was shown on statistical materials from various fields of science. The theoretical model of the phenomenon was based on universal regularities of unstable fluctuation development of collective systems.

A.P. Rudenko
Self-organization and progressive evolution in natural processes in the aspect of the concept of evolution catalysis.
During the use of the formalism of the quantitative theory of the existenee, stability, self- organization, self-organization, self-development, and progressive evolution of elementary open catalytic systems and nonequilibrium thermodynamics of working processes, developed on the basis of the concept of evolution catalysis, principles and regularities, general for chemical and biological evolution, were established in energy and kinetic formulations, which can also be in force in analogous phenomena at other levels of development of matter. It was shown that two tyyes of self-organization exist: continuous and coherent; progressive evolution occurs on the basis of changes in the continuous self-organization.

V. A. Eroshenko
The role of thermodynamic and cosmic factors in evolution of coral reefs.
An attempt was made from single methodological and scientific-philosophic positions to explain and construct in a logical sequence numerous contradictory facts from the life of coral communities. Coral reefs are regarded as a heterogeneous highly dispersed system. The basis of t4e approaeh to the description of the vital activity of coral reefs was concepts of the co4erence of many phenomena, beginning with intermolecular interaction and ending with the effect of cosmic factors.

N. N. Oleinikov
Topochemical memory effect: nature and role in the synthesis of solid-phase substances and materials.
No one doubts that memory is one of the amazing properties of living matter. The ancient Greeks identified it with the brightest of their gods -- Mnemosyne, who, according to legend, was the mother of nine muses, patronizing art and knowledge. And a simple man, come to question the prophet Triphon about his fate, saw in his house, the Leibadeiskii Cave, two springs, Mnemosyne and Leto, against which he could press in order to remember or forget the facts, heard by him.

A. S.Edigarov
The method of calculation of the killing zone upon accidental discharges of a toxic gas.

I.G. Filippov, D. V. Potapov, V. G. Gorskii, and V. A. Chuzhinov
Modeling of the dissemination of impurities from a stationary source of complex form.
A method of calculation of dissemination of impurities in the surface layer of the atmosphere is examined, based on the analytical solution of an equation of turbulent diffusion, obtained with the use of the apparatus of the theory of Green functions. Equations are presented for calculation of the steady-state concentrations, produced by the action of both point sources of discharges and sources of complex form. Possibilities of the method are illustrated on the individual example of calculation of dissemination of hazardous discharges from the Moscow circumferential highway.