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Foreign Division of the Chemistry Department

Study at the MSU Faculty of Chemistry

Educational programs

1. BSc in Chemistry (4 years, full time)

To receive the Bachelor degree, during the 7th and 8th semesters, students attend special courses on the chosen scientific specialization in addition to general courses.

2. MSc in Chemistry (2 years, full time)

Training for the Master degree combines theoretical courses with practical and research laboratory work. At the end of their term of study students prepare a Master's thesis.

Combination of 1 and 2 Specialist Degeree in Basic and Applied Chemistry also available (6 years)

3. Postgraduate in Chemistry (4 years, full time)

Specializations: Inorganic Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Electrochemistry; Polymer Science; Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds; Bioorganic Chemistry ; Colloid Chemistry, Physical and Chemical Mechanics; Petrochemistry; Radiochemistry; Catalysis; Mathematical and Quantum Chemistry ; Solid State Chemistry; Biotechnology; Biochemistry

4. Postgraduate in Biology (4 years, full time)

Academic year

The study year starts on September 1st and ends on July 5th.

Fall semester

1st September - beginning of studies

3rd January – 24th January - examination period

25th January – 6th February - vacations

Spring semester

7th February - beginning of studies

22nd  June –5th  July - examination period

6th  July – 31st August – vacations

Postgraduate studies begin on October 1st.

Language of studies

Studies take place in Russian.

MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture offers a preparatory course of the Russian language. Contact the MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for 2020/2021 academic year:

BSc: 455 990 RUR per year

MSc: 462 480 RUR per year

MSc (English-speaking programs): 502 500 RUR per year

Postgraduate: 420 488 RUR per year

Please specify the tuition fees at the Foreign Division.

Tuition fee does NOT include the payment for dormitory, transport charges, and living expenses, all kinds of insurance charges and other expenses. Tuition fee should be paid every semester in advance.

The students can be provided with accommodation on contract basis. Lodging fees start with approximately $75 per month and more depending on living conditions. Health insurance is approx. $150 per year.

Project management in the field of Decommissioning of Nuclear facilities
including Radioactive waste management

Admission to the Chemistry Department of the MSU

To be admitted to MSU students need to pass the following entrance examinations:

  • BSc: oral Chemistry exam (interview) and test in Russian language
  • MSc: written Chemistry exam

Requirements for enrollment:

Applicants need to provide the following set of documents:

  1. Completed application form
  2. High school leaving certificate and academic record (both officially translated into Russian)
  3. Statements of equivalence for certificates granted outside Russia if required by the law
  4. Medical certificate and AIDS test result
  5. Valid passport and visa, six 3x4 photos

Passport, documents on academic background and medical certificates should be accompanied with their Russian translations and should be attested by the Russian Embassy or Consulate at the country where the documents are issued, by the Embassy of your country to the Russian Federation, or by a notary public in Russia.

For additional information please contact the Foreign Division.

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