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Foreign Division of the Chemistry Department

About the Chemistry Department of the Moscow State University

  • The Chemistry Department of the Moscow State University is a world-known center for Chemistry education

The Chemistry Department today:

  • 7 buildings on campus
  • 18 divisions
  • 90 laboratories
  • 10 pooled facilities
  • Analytical Center
  • Moscow Testing Center
  • 11 scientific and educational centers
  • 7 innovative companies
  • Institute of novel carbon materials and technologies

More information about the Structure of the Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry combines fundamental studies with new scientific trends and cutting-edge technologies.

The Department has an exceptional reputation in the academic circles and among the employers.

More than 1500 foreign citizens from 65 different countries have studied at the Department of Chemistry.

  • An internationally acclaimed modern scientific research center

The labs are equipped with modern scientific equipment, which allows to conduct all kinds of experiments, synthesize complex molecular entities, develop new materials.

Starting from the first year of studies all students are involved in scientific research projects and participate in international and national conferences.

The Department has close ties with chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and other industries, where the results of applied research are implemented.

  • Key areas of research at the Chemistry Department
    • Fundamental chemistry studies
    • Functional materials, nanomaterials and technologies
    • Energy efficiency
    • Life sciences, medical technologies, medical chemistry, novel drugs
    • Environmental studies and conservation studies
  • Internship and employment opportunities

The Department has an exceptional reputation in the academic circles and among the employers. There are many internship opportunities at the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Alumni work in leading international and Russian scientific institutions and companies such as DuPont, Samsung Electronics, PerkinElmer, Novartis, BASF, DOW Chemical, P&G, PhosAgro, Lukoil, Eurokhim, SIBUR Holding.

  • International status of the Department

The Department of Chemistry cooperates with major world universities and scientists

  • Being part of the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Students of the Department of Chemistry can take full advantage of the MSU campus and modern sports facilities, are welcome to participate in cultural and intellectual events and clubs, meet interesting and smart people from around the world!

Students will have access to interdisciplinary courses from the Natural Sciences, Economics, Law, Linguistics and other Departments and can utilize the vast R&D infrastructure of the University!

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1050 researchers and professors, including:

12 full members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
11 corresponding members of RAS
11 professors of RAS
more than 270 full professors
more than 670 PhDs

290 PhD students
1200 undergraduate students

30% of all
Russian publications
in the field of Chemistry
were published by the
Department of Chemistry

> 500 students and
researches each year
travel to study and work

> 150 foreign scientists
and professors
participate in lectures
and research projects
per year

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