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The department developed from the Department of Chemical Technology and the Department of Piezochemistry and High Pressure Physics in April, 2004. The Department of Technology was founded in 1806. The first head of the department was Professor I.A. Dvigubsky. The department functioned until 1930. In 1946 the department was re-opened in Moscow University by Academician S.I. Volkovich. From 1983 to 1988 the department was headed by Academician V.A.Legasov. From 1994 to 2004 the department was headed by Professor M.S. Safonov. The Department of Piezochemistry and High Pressure Physics was founded in 1953 by Academician L.F. Veretschagin. From 1977 to 1999 it was headed by Professor K.N.Semenenko and from 1999 to 2004 by Professor B.M.Bulitchev.
The department of Chemical Technology and New Materials that was organized in 2004 has been headed by Professor Viktor Vasiliyevich AVDEYEV.

Tel: 939-36-07
е-mail: avdeev@highp.chem.msu.ru

The major fields of research are design of perspective technological systems of processing chemical materials based on the concept of safe development of technosphere, piezochemistry, chemistry of energy consuming and coal-graphite materials.
There are 6 laboratories within the department. The total staff of the department is 75 employees, including 8 Doctors of Science and 38 Candidates of Science.

Laboratory of Chemistry of Carbon Materials

Head of the laboratory – Professor Viktor Vasiliyevich Avdeyev
Tel: 939-36-07
е-mail: avdeev@highp.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Fundamentals of Chemical Technology

Head of the laboratory – Professor Mikhail Semyonovich Safonov
Tel: 939-46-49
е-mail: safonov@tech.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Technology of Functional Materials

Head of the laboratory – Professor Bogdan Iosipovich Lazoryak
Tel: 939-21-38
е-mail: lazoryak@tech.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Chemical Production Safety

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Alexander Anatoliyevich Shviryaev
Tel: 939-12-79
e-mail: Shvyryaev@tech.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Piezochemistry

Head of the laboratory – Professor Boris Mikhailovich Bulychev
Tel: 939-36-91
e-mail: b.bulychev@highp.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Chemistry of Energetic and Coal-Graphite materials

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Viktor Nikolayevich Verbetsky
Tel: 939-36-77
е-mail: verbetsky@hydride.chem.msu.ru


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