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The department was founded in 1955 by Academician V.A. Kargin.
Since 1970 till 2006 the department was headed by Academician, Professor Viktor Aleksandrovich KABANOV.

The department specializes in the topical issues of modern chemistry and physical chemistry of high-molecular compounds. At present there are 6 laboratories within the department. The department employs 4 Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 1 head teacher, 2 assistants, 69 researchers, among which there are 15 Doctors and 43 Candidates of Science. Total number of personnel including ancillary staff is 88. The basis for the curriculum is the theoretic and practical course on the chemistry of high-molecular compounds. The course is lectured by Professor V.P.Shibayev to students of the 4th year of study of the Faculty of Chemistry. It is also lectured to the students of other faculties in a shortened version. At the Faculty of Biology  and the Faculty of Soil Science it is read by Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Zezin and Professor V.A. Izumrudov, at the Faculty of Materials Science by Assistant Professor M.S. Arzhakov, at the Higher Chemistry College of RAS by Academician N.A. Plate. The course provides general knowledge of polymeric state of a substance, the structure of freely draining chains and polymers, of their physical and chemical characteristics, of high-molecular compound cooking processes and chemical transformations, of polymer performance in liquids.

Laboratory of Polymeric Electrolytes and Biopolymers

Head of laboratory: Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor Alexander Borisovich Zezin
Tel.: 939-54-15
e-mail: zezin@ipec.chem.msu.su

Laboratory of Polymer Structure

Head of laboratory: Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor Alexander Lvovich Volynsky
Tel.: 939-31-28
e-mail: ros@libro.genebee.msu.su

Laboratory of Polymerizing Processes

Head of laboratory: Professor Vladimir Borisovich Golubev                                                                                                
Tel.: 939-54-06
e-mail: copolym@libro.genebee.msu.su

Laboratory of Functional Polymers

Head of laboratory: Professor Sergey Alexeyevich Arzhakov
Tel.: 939-33-61
e-mail: melik@polymer.chem.msu.su

Laboratory of Chemical Transformations of Polymers

Head of laboratory: Professor Valery Petrovich Shibayev                    
Tel.: 939-11-89
e-mail: lcp@libro.genebee.msu.su

Laboratory of Physical Methods of Polymer Research

Head of laboratory: Professor Valery Ivanovich Gerasimov
Tel.: 939-31-15
e-mail: phys@genebee.msu.su


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