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The department was founded in 1929 concurrently with foundation of the Department of Chemistry and developed from the Laboratory of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry which is headed by Professor I.A. Kablukov. The department was part of MSU Research Institute of Chemistry. The first head of the department was corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences A.V. Rakovsky (1929-1941). During the years of the Great Patriotic War the Moscow part of the department was headed by Assistant Professor A.V. Komandin (1941-1942) and the evacuated staff during the same period was headed by Professor Y.I.Gerasimov. After that the department was headed by Professor A.V. Frost (1942-1952), corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences Y.I. Gerasimov (1952-1982), Professor Y.A. Pentin (1982-1994).
Since 1992 the department has been headed RAS member Valery Vasiliyevich LUNIN.
Tel/fax: 939-45-75
e-mail: vvlunin@kge.msu.ru

The major fields of research are structure and dynamics of atomic-molecular systems, chemical thermodynamics, catalysis, physico-chemistry of the surface, physico-chemical principles of separation methods and fine purification of substances and isotopes. There are 13 laboratories within the department. The total staff of the department is 350 employees including 47 doctors and 185 candidates of science.

Laboratory of Adsorption and Gas Chromatography

Head of the laboratory – Professor Sergey Nikolayevich Lanin
Tel: 939-19-26, 939-43-53
е-mail: SNLanin@phys.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Catalysis and Gas Electrochemistry

Head of the laboratory – RAS member, Professor Valery Vasiliyevich Lunin
Tel: 939-45-75
e-mail: vvlunin@kge.msu.ru

Laboratory of Kinetics and Catalysis

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Irina Igorevna Ivanova

Laboratory of Crystal Chemistry

Head of the laboratory – Associate professor Yury L. Slovokhotov
Tel: 939-54-34
e-mail: slov@phys.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy

Head of the laboratory – Professor Nikolay Egorovich Kuzmenko
Tel: 939-12-86
е-mail: kuzmenko@educ.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Molecular Rays

Head of the laboratory – Professor Dmitry Nikolayevich Trubnikov
Tel: 939-45-60
е-mail: tdn@phys.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Solutions

Head of the laboratory – Professor Aleksey Mikhailovich Tolmachyov
Tel: 939-22-18, 939-14-55
e-mail: tolmach@physch.chem.msu.ru; durov@phys.chem.msu.ru; zhvi@phys,chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Stable Isotopes

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ivanov
Tel: 939-44-98
е-mail: ivanov@phys.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Molecular Composition and Quantum Mechanics

Head of the laboratory – Professor Nikolay Mikhailovich Stepanov
Tel: 939-24-13
е-mail: nifest@moleq.chem.msu.ru; nifest@classic.chem.ru

Laboratory of Thermochemistry

Head of the laboratory – Lev Nikolayevich Sidorov
Tel: 939-12-40
е-mail: sidorov@thermo.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Chemical Cybernetics

Head of the laboratory – Professor Alexander Vladimirovich Nemukhin
Tel: 939-10-96
е-mail: anem@lcc.chem.msu.ru;
http: lcc.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Chemical Thermodynamics

Tel: 939-26-37
е-mail: voronin@td.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Electron Diffraction Analysis

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Igor Fyodorovich Shishkov
Tel: 939-26-37
е-mail: IFShishkov@phys.chem.msu.ru

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