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The department was founded in 1988. The head of the department is Professor, Doctor of Chemistry, Yury Yakovlevich Kuzyakov.
Tel.: 939-12-93

The students specializing in laser chemistry study the changes in the substances caused by laser irradiation. One of the major fields of research is laser-induced physicochemical processes.
At present there are three laboratories within the department. The total number of staff if 28, including 3 Doctors of Science and 7 Candidates of Science.

Laboratory of Laser Diagnostics                          

Head of laboratory: Professor Nikita Borisovich Zorov.                                                                           
Tel. 939-36-35
e-mail: zorov@laser.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy                           

Head of laboratory: Professor Yury Yakovlevich Kuzyakov.                     
Tel. 939-12-93
e-mail: kuzyakov@laser.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Laser Synthesis                           

Head of laboratory: Assistant Professor Felix Nikiforovich Putilin.                                                   
Tel. 939-22-83
e-mail: felix@org.chem.msu.ru

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