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The department was founded in 1974. It was founded by the group of scientists that had belonged to the Department of Chemical Kinetics where chemical enzymosis environment and the group from the Department of Biokinetics of Belozersky Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology. At the time of its foundation the department was headed by corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, Professor Ilya Vasiliyevich Berezin.
Since 1988 the department has been headed by Sergey Dmitriyevich VARFOLOMEYEV.

Tel: 939-36-89,
fax: 939-54-17
e-mail: sdvarf@enzyme.chem.msu.ru

The major field of study is chemical enzymology.
There are 7 laboratories within the department. The total number of staff of the department is 81 employees (18 Doctors of Science, 53 Candidates of Science).

Laboratory of Kinetics and Mechanism of Enzymatic Processes

Head of the laboratory – Professor Sergey Dmitriyevich Varfolomeyev
Tel: 939-27-27,
fax: 939-45-17
е-mail: sdvarf@enz.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Enzyme Engineering

Head of the laboratory – RAMS member, Professor Aleksey Mikhailovich Egorov
Tel: 939-27-27,
fax: 939-27-42
e-mail: aegorov@enz.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Basis for Energetic Bio-Conversion

Head of the laboratory – Professor Natalya Nikolayevna Ugarova
Tel: 939-26-60,
fax: 939-54-17
е-mail: unn@enz.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of Enzymatic Polymer Conversion

Head of the laboratory – Professor Arkady Panteleimonovich Synytsin
Tel: 939-59-66,
fax: 939-54-17
e-mail: apsinitsyn@enzyme.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Micellar Enzymology

Head of the laboratory – Professor Andrey Vadimovich Levashov             
Tel:: 939-34-29,
fax: 939-54-17
e-mail: levashov@enzyme.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Ecobiocatalysis

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Ilya Nikolayevich Kurochkin
Tel: 939-43-91,
fax: 939-54-17
e-mail: ikur@genebee.msu.su

Laboratory of New Chemical Technologies for Medicine

Head of the laboratory – Leading Research Fellow Sergey Mikhailovich Staroverov
Tel: 939-59-67,
fax: 939-54-17
e-mail: starover@bcm.chem.msu.ru


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