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English language division was established in 1967.

Heads of the division:

  • 1967 - 1981 – N.M. Golovkova, Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogics
  • 1981 - 1993 – G.N. Agapova, Associate Professor, PhD in Philology
  • 1993 - 2019 – M.M. Kutepova, Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogics

G.R. Bikkulova

Head of the division:
Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogics
tel: (495)939-32-34, (495)939-29-95
e-mail: aquarius-70@mail.ru

Upon separation from the general division of foreign languages of MSU in 1967 English language division became an independent unit of the Department of Chemistry.

The members of the division include an associate professor, senior teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.

English language division is responsible for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at all divisions of the Department of Chemistry.

The key directions of scientific work of the division include linguistic research into chemical terminology, studies in the field of approach to teaching all types of communicative skills and development of promising methods of English language teaching.

Major accomplishments of the division are characterized by developing integrated grammar presentation, which laid the foundation for the text book “Practical Course of the English language” by N.M. Golovkova, a number of teaching guides for students and postgraduates which are based on linguistic study into chemistry language peculiarities (word building, semantic equivalence), a teaching module “The World of Chemistry” by M.M. Kutepova, which comprises audio and video materials aimed at achieving maximum conformity of the English language course with the actual future activities of Chemistry Department graduates. The module can also be used for teaching students whose major is some field of science related to chemistry. The module “The World of Chemistry” is based on new program guidelines worked out by the division members and addressed modern day social requirements for mastering reading, speaking, and writing skills and competency in translation at an advanced level.

In addition, “The World of Chemistry” along with other teaching materials served as a basis for e-learning distance course.

Remote support is used for the independent work of students primarily on test assignments enriched with diverse interactive elements and provides full coverage of lexical, grammatical, and phonetical material within the scope of curriculum requirements.

The program supporting the course for post-graduate students “The Wonders of Chemistry” by O.K. Andreeva, M.M. Kutepova, V.V. Minyaylov, E.V. Shvedova has been elaborated on the basis of distance learning technologies. It made it possible to spend more time for communication resulting in students’ better understanding of the English speech and better expressing for their ideas, which, in turn, is of fundamental value for specialists’ future career. Moreover, division members have developed “Language Course for Teaching Oral Professional Speech” for individual students’ work with the help of technical aid of teaching.

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