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The department was founded in 1933. The department was headed by Professor V.A. Naumov (1933-1938), Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences A.I. Rabinovich (1938 - 1942), Academician P.A. Rebinder (1942-1972), RAO member Y.D. Schukin (1973-1994),Professor Boris Davidovich Summ (1994-2005).

Tel.: 939-10-31
e-mail: sum@colloid.chem.msu.ru
The department specializes in physicochemical mechanics of solids and dispersed systems, molecular mechanisms of the Rebinder effect, medium influence on dispersed particles interaction and cross-linking.

The department is dedicated to preparing students for academic and teaching careers in following fields: colloid chemistry (physical chemistry, natural dispersed systems, micro-emulsions, colloid chemistry of proteins, liquid crystals, nano-dispersed systems), physicochemical mechanics (Rebinder effect, dispersion and processing of materials, preparation of construction materials, geological processes), chemical engineering of colloids (oil production, refining, colloid chemistry of aliments, pharmacology, diagnostics, prosthetics materials, photographic materials, etc.). At present there are 2 laboratories within the department. The total number of personnel is 38. Among them there are 6 Doctors of Chemistry and 15 Candidates of Science.

Laboratory of Physicochemical Mechanics               

Head of laboratory: Professor Alexander Valeryevich Pertsov
Tel.: 939-53-86
e-mail: pertsov@colloid.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Colloid Chemistry                                    

Head of laboratory:  
Tel.: 939-10-31

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