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Head of the division - Professor Yuri A. ZOLOTOV

Founded in 1929, it developed from the laboratory of organic and analytical chemistry of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, functioning since 1929.
Heads of the Department (since 1929): Professor A. Y. Uspensky (1929-1930); Professor Y. S. Przhevalsky (1930-1953), Academician I. P. Alimarin (1953-1989).
Since 1989 the department has been headed by RAS member, Professor Yury Alexandrovich Zolotov.

Tel.: 939-55-64
Fax.: 939-46-75
e-mail : zolotov@analyt.chem.msu.ru
The department specializes in the development of new technologies in extraction of trace amounts of organic and inorganic substances from the environment, food products and biochemicals, as well as their detection and concentration.

There are 5 laboratories and a workshop on analytical chemistry within the department.


  • Spectroscopic methods of analysis
  • Electrochemical methods of analysis
  • Chromatographic methods of analysis
  • Separation and preconcentration methods
  • Kinetic, biochemical and biological methods of analysis
  • Metal complexes in analytical chemistry

The division consists of 5 laboratories:

Laboratory of Kinetic Analysis

Head of laboratory: Professor Tatyana Nikolayevna Shekhovtseva
Tel: 939-33-46,

Laboratory of Concentration

Head of laboratory: RAS member, Professor Yury Alexandrovich Zolotov.
Tel.: 939-55-64
Fax.: 939-46-75
e-mail :zolotov@analyt.chem.msu.ru

Laboratory of Spectroscopic Analysis

Head of laboratory: Assistant Professor Andrey Gennadiyevich Borzenko
Tel: 939-41-28,

Laboratory of Chromatographic Analysis

Head of Laboratory: Professor Oleg Alexeyevich Shpigun
Tel.: 939-13-82

Laboratory of Electrochemical Analysis

Head of laboratory: Leading Research Fellow Arkady Arkadiyevich Karyakin
Tel: 939-25-79,

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