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Biochemistry and biotechnology: problems and prospects

Лектор(ы): д.х.н., проф. Н.Л. Клячко,  д.х.н. проф. А.К. Гладилин, д.х.н., проф. А.В. Кабанов, д.х.н., проф. Т.К. Бронич, д.х.н. проф. Е.А. Марквичева, приглашенные лекторы

The lection course covers a major progress in the research developed in the field of Biocatalysis. The new biocatalysts-based technologies for pulp-and-paper, textile and food industries as well as in agriculture are described. Based on enzymes, the high-sensitivity methods and devices for medical and ecological purposes as well as for control of food quality, industrial productions and environmental monitoring are characterized. The examples of medicaments and materials under way based on enzymes and their regulators are presented for therapy of cardio-vascular, oncological, ophthalmologic diseases for burns and wounds treatment.

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