Molecular Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Acetone-Chloroform Mixture

V.A. Durov, I.Yu. Shilov

J.Chem.Soc., Far.Trans., v. 92(19). p. 1559-1563 (1996)

ABSTRACT. The molecular structure of acetone-chloroform mixtures has been studied. Thermodynamic mixing functions, permittivity, and Rayleigh ratios for isotropic and anisotropic light scattering are considered. A molecular model including the formation of the 1:1 and 1:2 molecular complexes is substantiated. A set of thermodynamic and structural parameters of the complex formation was obtained. The thermodynamic parameters of complex formation was defined by the minimization procedure for the excess Gibbs energy of mixtures was applied for calculation of excess enthalpy and entropy as well as dielectric and optical properties of mixtures. For the first time the unified representation and analysis of thermodynamic, dielectric and optical properties of acetone-chloroform mixtures in terms of generalized quasi-chemical models on the molecular-structural level was realised.

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