Kinetic and Thermodynamic Properties of Aromatic Compounds Exciplexes in Acetonitrile

N. Sadovskii, O. Kutsenok, Yu. Weinstein, M.G. Kuzmin

Journal of Physical Chemistry (rus), v.70(12). p. 2194-2197 (1996)

ABSTRACT. Exciplexes of 9-cyanantracen with 1,6-dimethylnaphtalene and 1,12-bezperylene with 1,2,4-trimethoxybenzene in acetonitrile were studied. Formation and dissociation of exciplexes rate constants, equilibrium constant, lifetime, entropy and enthalpy of exciplex formation were found. Kinetic parameters of exciplexes formed are in a good agreement with the quenching constants. Exchange interaction contribute significantly to the stabilization of such exciplexes. Experimental data are uniquely shows exciplex formation in polar media, which inconsistent with classic scheme of full electron transfer in polar solvents.

Laboratory of Photochemistry