Spectral Properties and Electronic Structure of Aromatic Compounds Exciplexes in Acetonitrile

N. Sadovskii, O. Kutsenok, Yu. Weinstein, M.G. Kuzmin

Journal of Physical Chemistry (rus), v.70(11). p. 2008-2013 (1996)

ABSTRACT. It was founded that exciplexes formed when aromatic compounds interact with electron donor or acceptor in polar solvent. Fluorescence spectra and exciplex polarity as well as temperature dependence of exciplex quantum yield were studied. In the case of small negative or positive Gibbs free energy (DGet > -10 kJ/mol) exciplexes formed characterized with small extent of charge transfer and rather big lifetimes. Exchange interaction contribute significantly to the stabilization of such exciplexes.

Laboratory of Photochemistry